Who is RAvi Tharuma?

Ravi's obsession for social media helps businesses around the world to grow wildly profitable. 

As social media marketer and CEO of iSocialSwitzerland's leading social media agency, he helps companies to tell their stories and attract new clients using Instagram & Facebook.

He turned the social media marketing industries unknown gray areas into exact science and revealed many secret growth hacks.

His contrarian marketing strategies are viewed as savagely effective.

Recognized as the leading social media expert, he regularly acts as a marketing adviser to celebrity personalities, authors, speakers, and businesses across the globe.

Ravi rose to local prominence as social media growth hacker in 2016, shortly after growing his buisness partner's Instagram account to 30K followers in a few months without spending a single dollar.

But his rise to success did not come easily...

The Story OF RAvi THaruma

A child of a migrant quits his job, gets completely broke and starts a business without prior education...

Doomed to failure? Nothing like that! Within 5 short years he builds a marketing empire.

What initially sounds like the script of a new Hollywood blockbuster, describes the life of Ravi.

Ravi was born in BernSwitzerland and is originally from Sri Lanka, former British Ceylon. His parents were lucky enough to find their way to Swiss, while the war in their home reached its peak point. They flew from Sri Lanka to survive the government's genocide on the Tamil ethnicity.

His parents arrived in Switzerland with no money, no connections, and not a single word of the German language on their lips.

While they shared a small apartment with other Tamil families, Ravi’s father began working at a casino and eventually moved the family to the capital, Bern. The city later became one of the most important cornerstones in Ravi's life, where he met a handful of people, who had a significant impact on his life.

When he first went to school, it was quite a tough cultural adjustment for him. His limited knowledge of the German language increased the communication barrier even more. Most people made fun of him. School life was a real challenge – both inside and outside the classroom. He only had a few friends who understood what he was going through.

But luckily as a young child, Ravi already had an experimental drive, and was obsessed with electronics & computers. His father bought him his first computer at the age of 10 years, which he immediately took apart to explore what is inside of it and to understand how it works. That's where his obsession for computers began.

A few years later at the age of 14, he started his part-time internet career by coding websites and using his natural charm to sell them to small business owners.

But his early career was marked by adversity and struggle. While others in his class qualified for high school or got an apprenticeship at big corporate companies, Ravi got no luck. So had to take a part-time job as a furniture mover and worked for his schoolmate's dad.

But he saw that he wouldn’t be able to make enough money to support his family and got frustrated.

Later, as he turned 16 years old, he started an apprenticeship as computer scientist and at his free time he was working together with his former business partner on a luxury sports & fashion brand, called YOCONTO, which he left later.

After working 4 years at the Deutsche Telekom, he quitted his apprenticeship as IT Network Security Specialist. His web design agency Creative Toaster and his cryptocurrency investments, took his time and his full attention.

From sleeping on his parent’s couch to working on the phone

At the age of 21 he quit his job as IT Network Security Engineer and although he was completely broke, he ambitiously started his web design agency. Working out of his parent's home in Switzerland, where he was sleeping on the couch, he was trying to figure out how to get customers.

But it was not as easy as he thought, he struggled massively to attract new clients.

One day he discovered how to leverage social media to generate income and decided to invest all his time into it. He slowly started to automated his sales and lead generation. So that he only had to speak with prospects who were interested in his service and even better, he sold automatically without even talking with them.

In 5 short years, he learned these powerful skills, built a marketing agency and started to help clients all over the world.

Bitcoins & Angel Investing

Ravi first discovered Bitcoins in 2014. At the time he was working as a computer scientist at Bern City Hall. He observed that there were many computers that were not used. So he decided to use these machines as a bitcoin mining facility at night, until one day his boss caught him.

Later in the process of Ravi’s entrepreneurial rise to as an online marketer he fostered relationships with various CEOs and investors like Henrik Telepksi, Stefan Bodenski, and George Yoconto. These connections lead to Ravi’s first forays into angel investing opportunities with early involvement with companies like  Cashflow Treuhand, Yamo, Emperia and, Generation Now.

The Tribe & Lifestyle

"It's all about the tribe." is a phrase that you often hear from Ravi. He was part of a mastermind where he discussed entrepreneurship and accumulating financial resources to create a significant impact as a tool for world change and ideal lifestyle design. Later he left the mastermind group and built the tribe as an upgrade of the mastermind group.